Communicating lawyers

Sip van Dijk LL.M. has obtained his law degree at Leyden Univerity, The Netherlands. As of 1984 he is working as an Advocaat (attorney-at-law) in The Netherlands, since 1988 together with his wife Margaretha van Arnhem LL.M., M.A. in their own law firm in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Since 2008 Sip van Dijk is also admitted to the Swiss Bar as EU/EFTA attorney-at-law. He has a long-term co-operation with Schmidhäusler Rechtsanwälte AG, although both firms are totally independent from each other. Sip van Dijk is specialized in advising foreign companies with business in The Netherlands, as well as their subidiairies in The Netherlands. His main practice areas are international Contract law, Commerical law, Employment law and the law of Sale of Goods and Services, as well as Litigation and Debt collection. 


Epameinondas Kalagiakos studied law in Germany at the Universities of Hamburg and Saarland and holds a LL.M. degree in European Law. He was admitted to the bar in Greece in 1996 and 1999 in Germany. His practice areas are Commercial and Company Law, Insurance Law, Transportation Law, International Contract Law and Trademark Law. He is fluent in Greek, German and English and has been the managing partner of a law firm based in Athens since 1998.