Our clients are individuals and companies from Switzerland and the neighboring European countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and the U.K.

Private Clients

We advise private clients in a wide range of issues such as drawing up last wills, inheritance contracts, prenuptial and matrimonial property agreements or objections regarding construction projects. Further, we offer advice and we litigate before governmental authorities as well as civil and administrative courts, for example in tax or debt cases.

It is a great pleasure and makes us proud that many members of the second generation of a family choses us for their legal support needs.

Business Clients

Our business clients come from very different areas: construction, production- and trading companies, commercial enterprises such as carpentry, sanitation facility, painting and garage trade as well as from the services business, for example IT, Human Resources or fiduciary companies.

We are often asked to provide legal advice to the new people in charge after the responsibility had been handed over from one generation to the next in a company. To us, this trust is a great pleasure and at the same time a strong motivation to maintain and increase our commitment to excellence.