Federal Court of Switzerland

Provides information on the organisation as well as on the judgments of the federal court.

The Federal Authorities

Provides information on Switzerland's federal authorities and the way in which they function. It further contains direct links to the seven government departments and their affiliated federal offices, to the Federal Chancellery, to parliament and to the federal courts.

The Federal Statistical Office (FSO)

Interesting statistics on a broad range of national and international topics (only partly available in English)

Swiss Bar Association

The controlling body of all cantonal bar associations within Switzerland. Contains a register of associates as well as a list of all cantonal information offices offering legal advice.

The Swiss Portal

The Swiss portal provides you with concise information and guides you to the relevant internet offerings of the federal government, the cantons and the communes: The site is structured under the four key headings of ‘Individuals’, ‘Businesses’, ‘Authorities’ and ‘About Switzerland’, and provides clear explanations on everyday topics.

Central Business Names Index

Contains all business units that are obliged to be registered and allows to see all publications of the Commercial registers during the last ten years. It further provides links to the cantonal commercial registers in Switzerland.